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How to Troubleshoot Nelio Forms

Do you have any issues with Nelio Forms? Our support team can help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter while using Nelio Forms. However, we will require your assistance to achieve the finest and most efficient solution.

In this guide, we’ll go through some questions you should ask yourself before contacting our support team. Addressing these questions can uncover frequent flaws on your site that cause problems with Nelio Forms. You may even be able to fix your issue or problem on your own by answering them.

Is Nelio Forms Fully Updated?

Our team delivers Nelio Forms updates on a regular basis. These updates enhance and improve functionality, and a previous update may have fixed the problem you’re experiencing.

The first and most crucial step in troubleshooting is to ensure that your Nelio Forms plugin is updated. This requires two steps:

  1. Check that your Nelio Forms Premium license key is verified on your site, in case you are using Nelio Forms Premium.
  2. Then go to Dashboard » Updates and see if an update is available for Nelio Forms or Nelio Forms Premium.

Is WordPress Core Fully Updated?

In addition to keeping Nelio Forms up to date, ensure sure you’re running the most recent version of WordPress.

To ensure that Nelio Forms works with the most recent WordPress release, we adhere to best coding practices. Your site may no longer be compatible with our plugin if you are using an older version of WordPress.

Log in to your site and navigate to Dashboard » Updates to see if there is a WordPress core update available. If you get a message that says, “You have the newest version of WordPress,” you’re good to go.

If an update is available, make sure to install it. Keeping the WordPress core up to date is crucial for security and plugin compatibility.

Is Your Hosting Service Up-to-Date?

Sometimes the problems you experience on your site are caused by your hosting service not working properly or not being up to date with the current WordPress requirements.

PHP 7.4 or above, MySQL 5.7 or higher (or MariaDB 10.3 or higher), and Apache or Nginx are all recommended in the most recent WordPress release (as of July 2022).

Please see the WordPress documentation for additional information on the full list of requirements.

You can check the admin panels of your hosting provider or go to Tools » Site Health in WordPress to see what web server software your site is using and which versions of PHP and MySQL it is running.

If your site’s server does not fulfill the minimum criteria, you should contact your hosting provider and inquire about how to update or replace these aspects.

Does Your Site Use Optimization or Caching?

Caching and optimization plugins may inadvertently break your forms’ functionality. This includes causing critical code to load in the wrong order or not at all.

Checking for errors in your web browser’s JavaScript console is a quick approach to see if one of these plugins is causing a problem. If critical JavaScript files are not loading (or are loading incorrectly), several errors may be logged there.

Disabling any JavaScript-related settings in your optimization plugin will usually solve the problem. Plugins such as Autoptimize, for example, include options to optimize JavaScript code and aggregate JavaScript files that you should disable.

Often, you can continue using your optimization plugin and deactivate the setting(s) causing the problem only for Nelio Forms by excluding Nelio Forms assets from your caching or optimization plugin.

Also, if you’re using a caching plugin, empty its cache. This ensures that you are viewing the most recent version of your website.

Could Another Plugin Be Causing a Conflict?

If you notice Nelio Forms features that aren’t working properly, the problem could be caused by code from another plugin functioning outside of its intended scope.

Fortunately, determining the source of a plugin issue is usually simple. This WordPress problem troubleshooting tutorial will coach you through the procedures you’ll need to take.

Following this procedure may allow you to solve the problem on your own, but any information you can gather will help our support team assist you more quickly.

If you discover a plugin that is causing a conflict, the best next step is to contact the plugin’s support team or the plugin’s author.

Do You Still Need Support After the Previous Steps?

If you’ve gone through the previous procedures but still haven’t solved your problem, it’s time to contact Nelio Forms Support.

Here’s how you can assist our support team in providing the best possible service:

  1. Please be as descriptive as possible about both the problem and the desired functionality for Nelio Forms, and include any URL(s) under consideration. You can collect details (such as error messages) by enabling logging in your PHP server to provide us with a better understanding of Nelio Forms activities on your site.
  2. Please be brief. Consider utilizing bullet points or numbers to assist make your questions clear and unique if you have numerous inquiries or a lengthier message.

Now, fill the form below and we’ll contact you back.