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The message preview and the actual publication don’t match. Why?

Nelio Content makes it possible to share the content of your WordPress site on social media. After connecting one or more social profiles, you’ll be able to create and schedule social messages that will be automatically shared on your social media accounts and thus seen by all your followers. This will help you drive visits back to your site and increase its exposure.

This is the social message editor included in Nelio Content:

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages

As you can see, it contains the following fragments:

  • A profile selector where you can select the profile(s) in which the message you’re about to create should be shared.
  • A text editor where you type in the actual message you want to share. This message can contain some placeholders like {title} or {permalink}, which will be replaced by the proper values of the post you’re sharing.
  • A preview of the social message, which shows you an approximation of how the message will look like when it’s finally shared on your account.
  • Date and time selectors to specify the exact moment in which the message should be published.

Differences you might experience between a preview and the actual publication

The message editor shows a preview of how the message will look like when published on your social media account. However, this preview is only an approximation and may not be an accurate representation of the actual final form of your message.

Some of the differences you might notice include:

  • When sharing a link, some networks (like Twitter, for example) will generate a card to preview the content behind said link. The exact appearance of said card depends on your settings and the style used in Nelio Content may or may not match the one you’re using.
  • Some networks may partially or completely hide a link included in a publication.
  • When sharing an image, its final aspect ratio and if/where it’s cropped may also differ from the preview generated by Nelio Content.
  • The typography, colors, and overall layout of a Nelio Content preview may also be different from the actual message.