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Why aren’t social messages automatically generated when a post is published?

Nelio Content includes Social Automations functionality that automates the process of creating social messages to promote your blog. They help you (a) promote new content when it is published and during the following hours and days and (b) reshare old content.

With an active paid subscription to Nelio Content, by default, Nelio Content will automatically generate a social message per profile (with the automatisms activated ) when publishing the post using only social templates, assuming that you had not already scheduled any message for it explicitly (manually or automatically, as we explain in the Social Automations details ).

If no social message is being generated when publishing a post, the main causes are usually:

  • You are using the free version of Nelio Content. With this version of the plugin, after writing a post, you must create the messages that you want to be shared when the post is published. To do this, you can either write them manually or hit the button to generate them automatically.
  • You have not activated the automations in Social Automations as explained here.

If despite everything it still doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll look at it with you.