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Where does Nelio store information about its users?

If you have installed the plugin Nelio Content and you’re using the free version, all the information you create with the plugin will be stored in the database of your WordPress installation, except for the social profiles you connect to and the social messages you schedule.

To be able to properly publish your social messages at the time you scheduled them, we need to store them on our cloud servers, together with the information of your social profiles. For safety and reliability, we cannot store this information directly in WordPress. Otherwise, we risk your social messages won’t be published on time.

If you use Nelio Content Premium, we also store on our cloud servers your tasks and editorial comments. This way we avoid filling your database with extra information and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

The cloud servers of Nelio Content are housed in data centers owned by Amazon (Amazon Web Services (AWS)) and located in the European Union.

Information regarding your subscription and payment method is managed by FastSpring, a platform specialized in safe and secure Internet sales, PCI compliant, and that employs Verisign SSL Certificates. Nelio does not have access to the information in your credit card or any other information relative to your payment method.

If you want to know more about this topic, visit our page about Privacy Policy and Cookies.