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What quality control does Nelio Content perform on the posts?

Nelio Content analyzes the quality of your posts according to different criteria:

Post Quality Analysis
Nelio Content analyzes the quality of your post in a non-disruptive manner.
  • Schedule social messages on all social profiles: Before posting a post, make sure that you have scheduled social messages for its promotion. Nelio Content checks that you have at least one social message created in each of the social profiles connected to Nelio Content.
  • Complete all pending tasks: Editorial tasks are activities that someone (you or a member of your team) should complete before a certain date. Nelio Content checks that all tasks related to a post are completed on time.
  • Include featured image: Using a featured image in a post is a very visual way to invite the visitor to read. This image appears in your posts listings in a preview that usually appears alongside the text, depending on the theme you are using. Nelio Content checks that the featured image has been added to the post.
  • Write your post of a minimum length: The ideal post length depends on the goal, topic, and community to whom that content is intended. Nelio Content, by default, shows an “error” if your post is less than 700 words; it tells you that it is “improvable” if it has between 700 and 1000 words; and it is “good” if it has more than 1000 words. But, if you want, you can change the quality thresholds.
  • Include links to your own website: Adding links to your site is an easy way to improve navigation, provide additional information and increase the likelihood that your site will appear in relevant search results. Nelio Content checks that you have added at least two links to your own website
  • Include links to external sources: to complement the information, increase your credibility and improve your positioning, Nelio Content checks that you have added at least two links to other websites.
  • Add images to the post content: to add dynamism to your posts and make them more enjoyable to read, Nelio Content checks that you have added at least 2 images to the content in your post.
  • Valid author: for security reasons we recommend differentiating between users who generate content in WordPress (who will have the role of Editor, Author or Contributor) and users who are in charge of administration (who will have the role of Administrator). Nelio Content checks that the author of a post is not an Administrator.
  • Write an excerpt: most WordPress themes use the excerpt in the post listings as a small summary of the post that serves as a claim to get the visitor to go into the content and finish reading it. Nelio Content checks that the excerpt is defined in your post.
  • Tag the content correctly: tags are used to classify content and improve the usability of your visitors. Through the tags your visitors can find related content on a specific topic. Nelio Content checks that the post is tagged with one or more tags.

The quality indicator of a post displayed by Nelio Content is an aid to the author or editor to know the status of the content of the post. Therefore, please note that regardless of quality, the post will be published on the scheduled date.

In addition, you also have the option to adjust the different quality criteria that Nelio Content has by default, as we explain here.