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What is Nelio Content Feeds and how does it work?

Nelio Content Feeds allows you to view the RSS feeds (headlines and link to published content) of your favorite blogs directly in your WordPress so you can share them on your social networks or generate new content from them. To do this, simply go to the Feeds menu option that appears within Nelio Content on your WordPress Dashboard.

You will have a list of the latest content published on the websites and blogs you have previously indicated.

From any of the contents shown, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new social message by linking the content to be shared on social networks, and/or
  • Create a new draft post by adding the content as a suggested reference.

This way, Nelio Content Feeds helps you share in your social profiles the latest news that you have found interesting without leaving WordPress. It also makes sure you do not run out of ideas about what to write in your blog.

Add New RSS Feeds

To manage the feeds you want to control in Nelio Content Feeds, in Settings you have the tab Feeds, in which you can write the URL of the web you want to track and add it to the list.

By doing this you can have a mini RSS feed manager inside your WordPress.

Create a New Social Message from a Feed

To create a new social message, select the content of a feed and click the Share button below it. From there, create the social message by linking to the content of the feed as shown in the video below.

Note that after creating the social message, that content will be shown as marked so that you don’t share it again by mistake.

Create a New Draft Post From a Feed

If you find the content of a feed interesting enough for you to write a related post on that topic, click on the Write button and create a new draft post in which the link will be added as a suggested reference. This way you will not forget to look at it when you write about the topic and you can link it in your text.