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What filters does the editorial calendar include?

Nelio Content allows you to view all the posts that are published or scheduled (even if they are marked as Draft), along with the social messages that you have defined to promote them, and the associated tasks.

Overview of the Editorial Calendar
Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar. It shows all your published and scheduled posts, as well as all the social messages that will help you to promote them in your social networks and the related tasks.

At the top right of the calendar, click on the funnel icon, Show filters, to see the different types of filters that you can apply to your calendar.

Show filters on the editorial calendar.
Show filters on the editorial calendar.

After clicking on the icon you will see that three tabs appear so that you can filter the posts, social messages and tasks, respectively.

Post Filter

In the posts tab, indicate which filters you want to be applied to the calendar when showing you the posts:

  • Author: by default the posts of all authors are shown but you can select and filter by a specific author from the drop-down menu. Below the drop-down list you can also click Show my posts to display only the posts you are the author of.
  • Content type: check the categories whose posts you want to display.
Post filter on the editorial calendar.
Options for filtering posts to be displayed in the editorial calendar.

Social Message Filter

In the social messages tab, you will see all the profiles that you have connected and you can select those whose messages you want to be visible on the calendar.

Social message filter in the editorial calendar.
Filter by social profile, the social messages you want to be shown in the editorial calendar.

This tab also includes two additional filters that will be applied to the filter selection:

  • Show automatic messages. Indicates whether to show or hide the automatic messages of those profiles that, according to your current filters, are visible in the calendar.
  • Always show failed social messages. Indicates whether to show failed messages (that is, messages that Nelio Content was unable to publish for some reason) even when, according to the other filters, they should be hidden. So, for example, if you decide not to show the messages of a certain profile, but said profile has failed messages, activating this option would show them.

Editorial Task Filter

By default, all tasks are shown in the calendar, but you can indicate in a drop-down that only the tasks of a single person in charge are shown (or click on the Show my tasks link).

Filter to select the tasks of only one person in charge.
Filter to select to show the tasks of only one assignee.

Clear Filters

Finally, if you click on More tools and options (the 3 dots that you find on the top right corner of the calendar), in Tools, you have the option to Clear filters with which you can reset all the filters that you have applied and make sure that all posts, social messages and tasks are shown on the calendar.

Clear filters on the editorial calendar.
Click on clear filters to see all posts, social messages and tasks on the calendar.
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