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What are Nelio Content’s advanced settings?

Tweak Nelio Content’s settings to customize the way it works. To access them, click on the Nelio Content Settings page and then on the Advanced tab:

Advanced settings of Nelio Content.

Social Settings

Managed Post Types

Nelio Content is intended as a tool to help you be more efficient in writing and promoting your blog posts. Some websites not only have a blog with posts, but also have other custom post types, such as courses, events, etc. for which Nelio Content can also be very useful when planning or promoting them.

In the plugin settings section you can indicate what managed post types you want to be integrated with Nelio Content. By default, only blog posts are selected, but by clicking the drop-down you can select any other type of content you have created on your website so that all the tools and features of Nelio Content are also available.

Automatic Social Sharing

Nelio Content can automatically share the contents of your site on social networks according to your preferences. With this setting you can configure what is the default behavior you want the plugin to:

  • Include all posts, unless stated otherwise. Nelio Content may share any post on your blog, except those that you’ve explicitly excluded from the reshare process.
  • Exclude all posts, unless stated otherwise. The opposite from the previous setting. That is, by default, Nelio Content will not share anything, except those posts you’ve explicitly marked as reshareable.

Plugin Setup


Nelio Content allows you to indicate a set of users to be notified by email when the publication status of a post changes (Draft, Pending review, Published and Scheduled), when an editorial task is created or completed or when new editorial comments appear:

Notifications in Nelio Content tools.

This tool is very useful for managing editorial teams and making sure that, for example, if you have a post already written, it is reviewed by a colleague. By adding him to notifications and marking that the post as pending review, an email will automatically be sent notifying him of the change in status of the post. And, in the same way, when your colleague accepts it and leaves it scheduled, you will be the one who receives an email warning you that the post is already scheduled.

Enable or disable the Notifications option to indicate whether or not you want notifications to be sent by mail, respectively.

Cloud Notifications

The credentials used by Nelio Content to access your social profiles may expire depending on the social network. In such a case, Nelio Content will not have access to the profile in question and the messages scheduled for that profile will fail. To fix this, you will need to re-authenticate the profile.

In Cloud Notifications, enter one or more email addresses (enter one address per line) where a notification should be sent when a social profile has expired and needs to be re-authenticated.

ICal calendar Feed

Nelio Content allows you to export the editorial calendar to Google Calendar or any other tool compatible with the iCalendar format (.ics). In the Plugin Settings section, you can indicate if you want to have the functionality of exporting the calendar available or not.

If you deactivate this option, any external tool (such as Google Calendar) in which you have added the exported calendar will stop working, since the export URL will no longer be valid.

Missed Schedule Handler

Due to problems with the WordPress cron, it is possible that after scheduling the publication of an entry, it is not published when it should, showing a “Missed Schedule” error, so you have to publish it manually.

To avoid this problem, activate the “Missed schedule management” and Nelio Content will check your website’s posts periodically and will automatically publish the ones it finds with the “Missed schedule” error, every time this happens.

This way, you will not have to worry about this problem since Nelio Content will take care of it for you.


Social Meta Tags: the social meta tags (title, image, description…) are used by certain social networks for an optimal display of the content published on these networks (such as Facebook or X). Activate this option to have the social meta tags added to your site.

Tutorials: make sure that all new users are familiar with Nelio Content’s features by activating the option to automatically display plugin tutorials that will walk them through the creation of posts, messages, templates, etc.


Nelio Content analytics allow you to have a more complete view of how your website’s content is working. But the first thing you have to do is activate it.

Analytics settings in Nelio Content

To do this, follow the instructions on how to connect your Google Analytics account in order to have more complete analytics about your content.

External Featured Images

Nelio Content allows you to insert an external image as a featured image of a post just by indicating the URL. If you activate this option, the plugin offers several additional settings.

Settings on external featured images.

Note that most WordPress themes are designed under the assumption that featured images will be available in the media library. Depending on how your theme works, Nelio Content may or may not be compatible with it. To maximize the number of themes the plugin supports, Nelio Content includes three different operating modes:

  • Default Mode. This mode assumes your theme uses the function (get_)the_post_thumbnail for inserting featured images. For example, WordPress default themes should work with this setting.
  • Double-Quote Mode. If your theme retrieves the URL of the featured image and outputs it within an img tag, this mode might be the one you need. Compatible themes include Newspaper, Newsmag, Enfold, and others.
  • Single-Quote Mode. Equivalent to “Double-Quote Mode,” but using single quotes instead.

As for the automatic insertion of external featured images, you can configure the plugin to use any of the images that you have included in the post content:

  • Disabled. Nelio Content doesn’t set the featured image automatically.
  • Use First Image in Post. Nelio Content will use the first image included in the post.
  • Use Any Image In Post. Nelio Content will use one of the images included in the post, selecting it randomly. If there are more than two images, Nelio Content will ignore the first and the last image.
  • Use Last Image In Post. Nelio Content will use the last image included in the post.