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What are Automation Groups and how to customize them?

Social automations let you decide when, where, how, how often, and with what templates is Nelio Content supposed to automatically share your content on social media.

If you are using the free plugin or the Basic plan of Nelio Content, you have a single automation group, the Universal Group, to define the automations of all types of content (posts, products, custom types, etc.). With the Standard and Plus plans, in addition to the Universal Group, you can add additional advanced groups. But what are automation groups?

Automation Groups

Automation groups allow you to define where and how you want social messages to be shared automatically to promote new content and reshare old content.

Universal Group

By default, you have a group of automations, the Universal Group, in which you can define where, how and how often social messages should be generated automatically for all the content published on your website that you want to share.

The universal group of automations can be deactivated but can never be deleted.

Let’s look at the information you should or can include in the Universal Group settings to share content on social networks.

  1. Enter the publication date of the content to share
  2. Add the profiles where to share and the frequency of posting on them
  3. Define social templates for each profile
    • Define social publishing templates
    • Define social templates for sharing published content

1. Enter the publication date of the content to share

The universal group includes all the content that you have indicated to share in the Settings » Advanced tab. By default, you can share content that has been published on any date.

If you want to limit the period of time for which the content is shared, select the publication date of the content you want to be shared.

Selection of publication date of content to share through automation

Any content that is older than the indicated date will not be part of the automatic generation of social messages.

2. Add the profiles where to share and the frequency of posting on them

By default, when connecting a social profile with Nelio Content, you will only be able to create messages manually.

Social Profile Settings

If you want to automatically generate messages in said profile, you must add it to one of the automation groups and enter the frequency of publication and/or resharing in said profile.

To do this, you will see that at the bottom of the group all the connected but deactivated profiles are displayed. Select those in which you want to share messages automatically, by clicking on them.

Selección de perfiles sociales en el grupo universal de automatismos.

The selected profiles will be shown in the group as activated and will also have been added to the group’s left sidebar so you can edit their social templates.

Perfiles añadidos en el grupo universal

By default, when you add a social profile to a group, you will have the option to share newly published content enabled and the option to reshare old content disabled.

For each social profile added, enter:

  • Publication frequency: the number of social messages you want to be published on that profile to promote each content that is published.
  • Reshare frequency: the number of social messages you want to be posted to that profile in a 24-hour period to reshare old content.

The indicated frequencies are unique for each profile, regardless of the automation groups in which they are included. If a frequency is changed in a profile, it is updated in all the automation groups in which said profile is included.

Taking into account the number of messages you may have created manually, Nelio Content will make sure that for each profile that participates in the automations, as many messages are automatically generated until the indicated frequencies are reached.

3. Define social templates for each profile

Next, for each of the social profiles included in the automation group, edit the social templates that you want to be used for the automatic generation of messages.

Define social publishing templates

When you click on any of the profiles shown in the left sidebar of the group, a new window appears for you to edit and create the social templates that Nelio Content must use for the automatic generation of messages that you want to be published on said profile to Promote the new content you publish on your website.

Pestaña de publicación de un perfil incluido en un grupo de automatismos

By default, all profiles included in a group include 3 social templates to share content.

A social template includes, on the one hand, the writing pattern that the message content must follow and, on the other, information about the conditions or filters that must be applied in the automatic generation of messages. Here we explain more details about social templates and how you can add, import, export and customize these templates.

Define the social templates for RESHARE published content

Click the Reshare button at the top right of the group window to switch to the reshare templates window. As before, here you can define and edit social templates so that old content sharing social messages are generated. By default, content resharing is disabled.

Pestaña de recompartir por defecto de un perfil social añadido a un grupo de automatismos

Click Reshare content and indicate how often you want content to be shared on that profile.

Pesataña de recompartir mensajes de un perfil añadido a un grupo

After enabling Content Resharing, you will also have 3 social templates that the resharing algorithm will use by default. Here we explain more details about social templates and how you can add, import, export and customize these templates.

Advanced automation groups

With Nelio Content’s Standard and Plus plans, you can add additional groups of automations with which to define specific settings for your content. To do this, click on the Add Group button (or click on the Actions » Duplicate Group button) at the bottom of the group and type the group name.

Select the content to share

In the additional groups you create, the automations do not apply to all the content you manage; You must select what content you want to share by selecting its type and, depending on it, filtering said content by a set of advanced conditions (categories, authors, tags, publication date, etc.)

Selección del contenido a compartir en un grupo de automatismos

For example, as you can see in the previous image, we have created a group of automations for those blog posts that are from a certain category, have one of the indicated tags and are by a specific author.

In addition, the configuration of the social profile templates of the advanced groups includes more additional customization options than in the universal group, as we explain here.

Bonus. Check the results of the generated messages

Once everything’s properly set up, we recommend you review the messages generated for the publication in the timeline of any content:

Nelio content timeline for publication
Nelio content timeline for publication.

And that you also review the reshare messages in the calendar:

Screenshot of Editorial OnMedia's Nelio Content calendar

Customize automation groups and templates to make sure your content is automatically promoted exactly how you want.