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Where can I see the details of my subscription?

You can view the details of your purchase in two different ways. On the one hand, access to your FastSpring account (the secure payment platform we use to manage purchases and renewals of our products). On the other hand, you can check them directly from the plugin in the Account page.

Access Your FastSpring Account

When completing a new subscription you receive a notification confirming it. This email includes the details of your order, that is, the plan purchased, when the next renewal charge will be and how much, your license code (License Key) and also the link to the invoice of the amount paid so that you can download or print.

Notification confirming the subscription to Nelio Content.
Example of the e-mail a customer receives for confirming the purchase of Nelio Content Premium.

The notification mail also includes a link to Manage Your Orders, where you can see more details of your orders and purchases. If you click on that link, for safety reasons, you will be previously asked the email address with which you subscribed to Nelio Content. After entering the information, you have access to your FastSpring account and the details of the purchase.

In the Orders tab you’ll see the details of your order; in the Subscriptions tab you’ll see all your subscription information; and the Account Details and Payment Methods tab shows the details of the account and payment methods.

Account Details in the Plugin

The Account Details option of the plugin (please, note you need to be Admin to have access to this page) shows a summary of the most relevant information of your account:

Account information and billing history.
Screenshot of the summary of a subscription. It displays account information and billing history.

You can see the details of the plan you have subscribed to, the amount and date of your next charge, the email address with which you made the purchase, the license code that we sent you by mail and the billing history to date with links to your invoices. You also have a link, Manage payments, with which you can access your payment methods to manage any changes.