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When are analytics updated in Nelio Content?

Nelio Content analytics shows which content works better on your WordPress. Once you have activated the analytics in your installation, Nelio Content will update the values periodically, following this approach:

  1. The analytics of the content published during the current day are calculated.
  2. An hour later, the analytics of (a subset of) the contents published during the last month are calculated.
  3. An hour later, the analytics of (a subset of) the contents published more than a month ago are calculated.
  4. An hour later, we compute the analytics of (a subset of) the contents that are on the top of analytics.
  5. An hour later, the cycle starts again from point 1.

Through this process, Nelio Content updates the analytics of all your content without causing a high load on your WordPress installation.

Include your Google Analytics data in the Nelio Content analytics calculation process in the plugin's settings.

On the other hand, if you need to immediately calculate the analytics of all your content, you can do it in the Settings of Nelio Content. Once there, in the Advanced tab, on the Analytics section, you will find the Refresh Analytics button. Click it and you’ll see a dialog where you can:

  • Refresh analytics for last month’s posts.
  • Refresh analytics of the last year’s posts.
  • Refresh analytics of all posts.
Dialog to update analytics in Nelio Content settings where you can select the set of contents to update.

Select your desired option and just wait for the process to finish. You will see a progress bar informing you about the status and progress of the calculation.

Dialog to update analytics inside Nelio Content settings showing the progress of the refresh process.

Once the process finished, you can go to the Analytics page of Nelio Content to see the updated results.