How do I trash a post in the calendar?

There are two ways to trash a post using Nelio’s Editorial Calendar.

Dialog for Editing Posts

If you click on a post, a dialog for editing it will pop up. As you can see in the following screenshot, this dialog includes a Trash icon in the lower left corner:

Dialog for Editing Posts in the Editorial Calendar
Dialog for editing WordPress posts in the editorial calendar. Easily change post titles, authors, and publication dates and times.

If you click on it, a new dialog asking you whether you really want to trash the post will pop up:

Trash Post Confirmation Dialog
Screenshot of a confirmation dialog that asks you whether you want to trash a post or not.

Unlike what happens with social messages, you can undo this operation. That is, if you trash a post, you can easily go to the trash (WordPress Dashboard » Posts » Trash) and Restore it.

Drag and Drop

Another option is to drag the social message and drop it on a Trash. To do that, just click on the post and drag the post around. Once the dragging begins, you’ll realize that there are new actions available next to the calendar, including a couple of Trash icons:

Drag-and-Drop Calendar
You can drag and drop all the elements that appear in the dialog and, hence, re-schedule or remove them. Whilst dragging an element, the actions in the calendar change—drop an element onto the trash to remove it and hover the Next/Previous icons to change the current month.

Just hover over one of these icons whilst dragging the post and drop it on them (as depicted in the screenshot above). This will trash the post, so, as before, the action can be undone.