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How do teams work in Nelio Content?

If you own the plan for Nelio Content Premium, all your WordPress users with at least the Contributor role have access to Nelio Content’s functionalities. However, their permissions will depend on the specific role they own.

Nelio Content includes different mechanisms to help you be more efficient managing your editorial team. These features can be found in editing a posts (in the sidebar, under the Nelio Content menu). Here are some:

  • To create and assign tasks: you can create tasks and assign them to a particular user that will be on charge of completing them before a certain date. In addition to it, you can see them in the editorial calendar to know whether they are completed or pending.
New Task Dialog
  • To communicate by using editorial comments: you can submit comments to the author of a post directly in the edit page of that post in WordPress. This function helps you in the revision process of each post contextualizing the communication with your teammates.
Screenshot of the Editorial Comments box
  • Permission Management: depending on the user role assigned, you can have different levels of hierarchy or responsibility within your editorial team.

If you want to know more about permissions and available functionalities, read this.