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What are Social Templates?

Social Automations adds two kinds of automations to Nelio Content: Publication and Reshare. Both functionalities are managed by means of automation groups that indicate which content and where and how it should be shared.

Each group of automations must include the social profiles in which you want Nelio Content to generate messages automatically. And, for each social profile, which social templates should Nelio Content use to generate the Publication and Reshare messages.

Pestaña de publicación de un perfil incluido en un grupo de automatismos

A social template includes, on the one hand, the writing pattern that the message content must follow. For example, the images above show the default templates including some placeholders for the two types of automations (publication and re-share) for any profile:

  • {title} {permalink}
  • {highlight} {permalink}
  • {phrase} {permalink}

In the first one, a social message that follows the pattern will show the title ({title}) and the link ({permalink}) of the content that is shared in that message. In the second example, the message generated from this template will display either a snippet of text that has previously been marked for sharing ({highlight}) or highlighted text included in the Automation Settings of the post’s Social Media section and the link ({permalink}). And in the last example, the message generated by applying this template will display phrases from your content that our plugin has deemed “relevant” ({phrase}) followed by the link to the post ({permalink}).

You can edit and/or delete the default templates and you can also create new additional network templates (that apply to all the social profiles you have in that network) and/or customize them by adding additional content filters (category, tag, author, period in which you want the message to be published, and whether it can or must include an image).

In addition, in the advanced group templates (only available in the Standard and Plus plans), depending on the type of content selected for sharing, you can add additional placeholders to those shown above ({author}, {excerpt}, {categories} or {tags}, to mention a few examples).

In this way, you will be able to customize as much as you want all the automatic social messages for publishing and re-sharing.

Plantillas sociales de publicación de un perfil social

You may be interested on how to create social templates or how to delete them for more information on this topic.