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What is a social message?

Running a successful blog is not an easy task—you have to schedule your upcoming publications and craft beautiful, high-quality posts. Moreover, you also have to make sure your posts reach as many people as possible. This means you have to put a lot of effort into promoting your content, probably on social media. Nelio Content makes this task super easy because it integrates post promotion within the process of creating and writing new blog posts.

We recommend that you connect one or more profiles to Nelio Content right after you installed and configured the plugin. If you do so, you’ll grant Nelio Content access to your profiles and it’ll be able to automatically share the messages you schedule.

Social Profile Settings

Once you connected the social profiles, you’ll be able to easily schedule social messages that will be automatically shared. Using the Social Media section, you can see and edit all the messages you scheduled for a certain post, add new ones, or discard some:

Nelio content timeline for publication

We believe that the best moment to design a marketing strategy for a post is when you’re writing it. It’s at that moment when all the ideas and insights from the post are fresh in your mind, so you can easily and effectively decide what messages should be shared and are most likely to capture your followers and friends on social media.

Our user interface is simple and powerful, and it makes it very easy to add new social messages on multiple networks all at once:

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages

Moreover, all this marketing efforts are also visible in our editorial calendar. The editorial calendar offers a unified view of all the content you’ve generated, both in your own WordPress site and in social media. It’s also the best way to re-share your old content, because you can create new social messages and link them to old posts.

The Editorial Calendar Highlights Related Elements

Moreover, Nelio Content includes the feature Social Automations that that automates the process of creating social messages to promote your content on social media. They help you to (a) promote new content at the time of its publication and the upcoming days and hours and (b) reshare old content.

Don’t waste any more time going from one social network to the other, or trying to learn how external tools operate and can be integrated with WordPress. Nelio Content offers all you need, when you need it, within WordPress.