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What is the Social Media section?

Nelio Content adds different sections in the sidebar of the Edit page of a content indicated for sharing (in the Settings » Advanced tab) to allow you to access the different functionalities of the plugin.


One of these section is Social Media, which includes a timeline with all the scheduled social messages you (or your colleagues) created.

To create the timeline with the messages, just click on the Customize Timeline button (only available if you are subscribed to one of our plans) or on the Add social message link.

These messages help you to promote your content on social networks once the post has been published. Nelio organizes your scheduled social messages in four blocks:

  • Publication Day. It includes all the messages that will be published within the first 24 hours after the content is published.
  • Week. These are the messages that will be shared during the 9 days after post’s publication.
  • Month. It includes the messages that will be shared during the next 30 days (again, after post’s publication).
  • Other. It contains any other messages that might be scheduled in the future.

You can also Regenerate Timeline to automatically recreate messages.

Nelio Content uses Social Automations to generate social messages automatically. Thanks to Social Automations, you will be able to promote your content effortlessly (you only have to click once) and increase your productivity.

Automation Settings

The custom settings you find in the Social Media section allow you to indicate whether that particular content should be automatically shared on social media. By default, this box is checked or unchecked depending on what you have indicated in the Settings » Advanced » Social Settings » Automatic sharing.

If you have enabled Auto share on social media, you can also indicate the time period in which you want automatic sharing on social networks, starting from the date of publication of the content (always available or disable re-sharing after one month, two months, three months, six months or one year).

Additionally, you can also add custom phrases that you want to be included in the automations. To do this, activate the Highlighted texts option and write each phrase on a line.

Any message generated from a social profile template that includes the {highlight} tag will be able to use the texts you have marked for sharing in conjunction with the custom highlighted texts you have typed in this field.