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What is the Social Media box?

Nelio Content adds a few sections in the Edit Post page. One of these section is Social Media, which includes a timeline with all the scheduled social messages you (or your colleagues) created.

Timeline of Scheduled Social Messages
Screenshot of the Social Media box. There, you can see which social messages are scheduled to promote a certain post and add new ones.

These messages help you to promote your content on social networks once the post has been published. Nelio organizes your scheduled social messages in five blocks:

  • Publication Day. It includes all the messages that will be published the same day on which the post will be published.
  • Day After Publication. It contains the messages that will be shared the day after post’s publication.
  • Week. These are the messages that will be shared during the 9 days after post’s publication.
  • Month. It includes the messages that will be shared during the next 30 days (again, after post’s publication).
  • Other. It contains any other messages that might be scheduled in the future.

In addition to it, if you use Nelio Content Premium, you’ll be able to automatically generate messages to fill the previous blocks in the Social Media timeline. To do so, if you have not reated any social message, just click on the Customize Timeline button on top of the Social Media section and if you have already created some messages, you can always Regenerate the Timeline so that they are automaticall recreated.

Nelio Content uses your defined social templates to generate social messages automatically. In addition to it, Nelio Content also analyzes your content and extracts relevant sentences to create these messages. Using Social Automations is the easiest way to promote your content with minimum effort (just one click) and increasing your productivity.

More information about Social Automations here.

Add, Edit, and Delete Social Messages

You can also add, edit, and delete social messages using this section. To add new messages, just click on the placeholder that an empty block has (Add Social Message) or on the Add Another button. If you want to edit or delete a social message, just hover over it to reveal the actions (in the upper right corner of the selected message) and click on the Pencil icon to edit it or on the Trash icon to remove it.

Social Message in Social Media Timeline
When hovering over a social message in the social media box, you’ll see which actions are available.