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How do I select a text and publish it on social networks?

Nelio Content allows you to select text fragments from your posts very easily so that they can be used in the automatic generation of social messages by Nelio Content. To do this, from the edit page of any posts you only have to select the text fragment you want to share with the visual editor of WordPress.

Selected text inside the WordPress post editor that activates the sharing button of Nelio Content.

Once the text is selected, click on the editor button with the arrow pointing downwards, as you can see in the following image:

Screenshot of Nelio Content's "Social Media Highlight" button in Gutenberg

Click on the button Social Media Highlight and, when Nelio Content generates the social messages of the Timeline for that post or when it uses it to reshare old content, these phrases will be used in the automatic message generation.

Any post automatically generated from a social profile template that includes the {highlight} tag will be able to use the texts you have marked for sharing in conjunction with the custom highlighted texts you have written in the automation settings of that post.