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How do I revoke Nelio Content’s access to my TikTok profile?

In the Settings option of Nelio Content you can delete a social profile from Nelio Content. Doing so, nobody can schedule new social messages nor any scheduled message will be published. However, Nelio Content will still have access to that network, since you can have other websites that do have configured that profile and thus need to post messages on it.

To completely delete Nelio Content permissions on TikTok, open the TikTok app on your smartphone and go to the Security and login section you’ll find on Profile » Settings and privacy:

Screenshot of TikTok's settings and privacy screen
Screenshot of TikTok’s settings and privacy screen.

Then, open Manage app permissions and look for Nelio Content. Click on it to view the permissions you granted to our app and when you did so. By clicking on Remove access:

Screenshot with Nelio Content's permissions on your TikTok account
Screenshot with Nelio Content’s permissions on your TikTok account.

and then confirming the action:

Screenshot of TikTok's confirmation dialog to remove Nelio Content's access to your account
Screenshot of TikTok’s confirmation dialog to remove Nelio Content’s access to your account.

you’ll revoke Nelio Content’s access to your account.