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If I reschedule a post, do I need to reschedule related social messages and tasks manually?

One of the most powerful features included in Nelio Content is social message scheduling. Essentially, these messages help you to promote your content on social networks, reaching a broader audience and, thus, driving more traffic to your web. In order to do that effectively, Nelio Content offers you several scheduling options. Not only can you use an exact date for automatically publishing social messages, but you can also use a post’s publication date. In other words, you can ask Nelio Software to share a social message exactly when a post is published, or one hour later, or the next day…

With that in mind, what happens if you reschedule a post after you defined all its social messages? Rescheduling posts is a common task, so it’s a valid question. As you know, you can reschedule tasks using the post editor page, the Quick Edit action in WordPress’ post list, or dragging-and-dropping the post within our Editorial Calendar.

The Editorial Calendar Highlights Related Elements
The Editorial Calendar highlights all the elements that are related so that you can easily identify which social messages and tasks belong to a certain post.

Regardless of the method you used for rescheduling a post, Nelio Content will automatically reschedule all the social messages whose publication date depend on the post’s publication date. This way, you can change your mind at any time, reschedule a post from one day to another, and don’t waste any time rescheduling all social messages (or editorial tasks).