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How do I reschedule a social message in the calendar?

If you want Nelio Content to share a social message on a different day, just drag and drop it on a different day. Actually, you can reschedule any content using Nelio’s editorial calendar simply by dragging-and-dropping it!

Overview of the Editorial Calendar
Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar. It shows all your published and scheduled posts, as well as all the social messages that will help you to promote them in your social networks and the related tasks.

If you want to reschedule its publication time too, click on the social message to open the editor dialog:

Dialog for Editing Social Messages using Nelio's Editorial Calendar
Dialog for editing social messages using Nelio’s editorial calendar. Using this dialog, you can easily edit the message, social profile, and publication moment of a social message. You can also see the post this message is related to (if any).

Use the Date and Time fields to set a new publication date and time for the message. Once you’re done, click on Save to commit the changes.