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How often should I publish in social networks?

This is a very common question. And, although there is no unanimous answer on what is the optimal frequency, the important thing here is to find the right balance between informing and disturbing your audience. Everything will depend on the type of website you have and your audience. It is not the same having a news website, which will generate a much larger volume of messages, than having a simple blog with a couple of new posts per week.

Based on the recommendations of some experts (Socialbakers, Dan Wilkerson, Kevan Lee, Dawn Brotherton or Peter Bray, among others), you might consider the following tips as a starting point:

  • Twitter: to publish a minimum of 5 tweets per day.
  • Facebook: to publish a minimum of 2 messages per week and a máximum of twice a day.
  • LinkedIn: to publish a maximum of a message per day on working days.

However, the best you can do is to be aware of your audience and how they receive your published social messages. This way you can act accordingly and improve your publishing strategy.

Social Automations

If you’re using Nelio Content Premium, Nelio Content can create and share social messages without your doing anything. This means your editorial calendar will always have some social activity regardless of what you do. For example, the following screenshot shows an editorial calendar with several reshare messages created by Nelio to promote old content:

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

You can easily change the publication frequency of all automatic messages. To do that, go to Nelio Content » Settings and, under the Automations tab, change the number of messages you want to be shared when publishing or re-sharing content for each of the profiles included in your automation groups:

Selecting the automatic publication frequency in Nelio Content