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How do I promote a post automatically on social networks?

Nelio Content allows you to create social messages to promote a post while you are editing that post. This way, promotion in social networks is just one step more in your editorial process.

The benefit here is that you won’t have to visit each social profile in which you want to promote your content, or copy and paste the messages to share. With Nelio Content, you have everything integrated in your WordPress, speeding up the whole process.

In addition to it, with Nelio Content Premium, you have available the Social Automations feature with which you will be able to automatically generate the social messages to promote your posts. To do so, go to the Social Media box in the edit page and there you’ll see the following:

Button for Creating Social Messages Automatically
Creating Social Messages has never been this easy! With this button, Nelio Content will analyze your content and generate all the messages you need.

If you click on the button to Customize Timeline, the social timeline will be filled with messages created automatically using social templates and relevant sentences extracted from your content. These automatic messages will be only shared on those social profiles that have the automations enabled.

Alternatively you can click the link to Add Social Message if you want to create the messages manually.

The result of creating social messages automatically is similar to what you can see here:

Social Timeline combining automatic and manual messages
Social Timeline combining automatic and manual messages.

As you can see in the image above, so that you can distinguish automatically created social messages from those created manually, the messages are in italics and the text indicating the time of publication, includes a megaphone icon.

Keep in mind that you can repeat the process of creating automatic messages whenever you want. To do this, simply click on the button Regenerate Timeline  that you can see in the upper left corner of the previous image. If you do this, the automatic messages will be erased and re-created. Note that manual messages will be maintained.

Messages not in italics are messages created manually by you (or someone on your team). Remember that if you edit an automatic message, it will become manual, and therefore won’t be overwritten if you regenerate social messages again.