If I create a new post in WordPress, does it automatically appear in the calendar?

Yes but it will be displayed in a different location depending on your scheduled publication date.

The editorial calendar of Nelio Content shows all the posts that have a publication date set. If you create a new post and set a publication date for it, this post will appear in the calendar.

Overview of the Editorial Calendar
Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar. It shows all your published and scheduled posts, as well as all the social messages that will help you to promote them in your social networks and the related tasks.

But if you have not set a publication date, then you will only see the post in the Unscheduled posts section to the right of the editorial calendar.

Editorial calendar including unscheduled posts.
Editorial calendar including unscheduled posts.

Notice that at the top of the calendar, you have an icon that shows a small calendar. By clicking on it, you can display the calendar showing only those posts that have a date assigned to them or also showing those posts that do not yet have a publication date.

Schedule Publication Date

To schedule a post with a publication date, you can do it directly in the editorial calendar or in the edition of the post itself.

From the editorial calendar, simply select with the mouse and drag the unscheduled post to the date you want it to be published and drop it. It will automatically have a scheduled date of publication.

Screenshot of the editorial calendar showing how to move an entry to a desired date.
Screenshot of the editorial calendar showing how to move an entry to a desired date.

Alternatively, if you edit the post, simply click on the Immediate link to the right of Publish in the Status and Visibility section of the document editor. You will be able to select the date of publication and schedule it.

Post Quality Analysis
Nelio Content analyzes the quality of your post in a non-disruptive manner.

Once you do that, you’ll see the post as scheduled in the editorial calendar of Nelio Content. Note that the calendar is completely synced with the WordPress post editor.