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How many social messages can I schedule?

If you’ve purchased Nelio Content Premium, the number of social messages you can publish is unlimited*. That is, you’ll be able to schedule as many social messages as each social network allows, making it super easy to promote all your content in there. Nonetheless, please take a look at our recommendations on how often should you publish on each social network.

Nelio content timeline for publication

If on the other hand, you’re using the free version of Nelio Content, then you’re only allowed to schedule one social message per network upon post publication*. If you want to schedule more messages, please take a look at the Nelio Content Premium plan.

* Depends on the usage limits established by each social network. In addition to it, plan limits might change during time. For an up-to-date list of all the features included in the Nelio Content Premium plan, please check out our pricing page.