Where do I see next renewal’s date?

The Account Details page of the Nelio Content plugin shows the information regarding the plan you’ve subscribed. Just under the name of the plan, there is the date of the next charge.

Account information and billing history.
Screenshot of the summary of a subscription. It displays account information and billing history.

Alternatively, in the mail you’ve received confirming your subscription, there is the link to Manage Your Orders.

Notification confirming the subscription to Nelio Content.
Example of the e-mail a customer receives for confirming a subscription to Nelio Content.

By clicking on the link, for safety reasons you’ll be requested to enter the email address of your subscription. Once entered, you’ll see the details of your FastSpring account, the secure platform we use for all payments. The Subscriptions tab shows your Next charge.

Social Automations Trial

If you’re in the Social Automation Trial, the next renewal date depends on the periodicity of your subscription. On the one hand, monthly subscriptions won’t change your next renewal date. Yearly subscriptions, on the other hand, will trigger a renewal right after the Social Automations Trial is over. This renewal will upgrade your subscription by adding Social Automations.

Account Details with Social Automations Trial Enabled
Account Details with Social Automations Trial Enabled

When upgrading a yearly subscription, Nelio Content will prorate the use of your current subscription plan. That is, we refund what you didn’t use from your original subscription plan (based on the number of days remaining before renewal) and then immediately charge you for the remaining days of the new plan. You can read more about this in our knowledge base.