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Is Nelio Content compatible with my page builder?

Probably, but some features may not work as expected or may not work at all.

Nelio Content is fully compatible with WordPress’ default page builders. That is, the Block Editor “Gutenberg,” as well as the Classic Editor. When it comes to other page builders, the plugin should also work as expected (in general), but there are a few things that may not work.

Nelio Content’s UI in the Editor

Nelio Content’s UI natively integrates into Gutenberg’s sidebar. If you’re using Gutenberg, you’ll have access to all Nelio Content’s features: post quality analysis, social references, social messages, etc.

If you’re using the Classic Editor, Nelio Content’s UI is integrated in the post editor screen via meta boxes. These boxes will also grant you access to all the relevant features included in our plugin.

However, other page builders may not support Nelio Content’s UI. For example, if you edit a page or post using Elementor’s UI, you won’t have access to Nelio Content. However, you can always open your page/post content using WordPress’ built-in editor and, thus, have access to Nelio Content’s UI.

Regardless of the page builder you use, Nelio Content will be able to automatically share your new blog posts in your social media accounts: you only need an active subscription and social automations. And you can also customize your social messages and other content using the Editorial Calendar.

Highlighting Relevant Sentences

Nelio Content can automatically share your content on social media. The messages it generates come from different sources like, for example, the set of social templates you defined or the relevant sentences you highlighted in your content.

The action for highlighting relevant sentences in your content may not be available in your page builder. If it isn’t, you can try to edit your content in HTML and wrap the relevant sentences in ncshare tags.