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What are Pageviews of Nelio Content Analytics?

Nelio Content analytics includes information about pageviews of posts as long as you’ve connected Google Analytics with Nelio Content.

Detail of the pageviews in the analytics of a post.
Detail of the pageviews in the analytics of a post.

This data indicates the total number of views that a content (post, page, or other) has received in total, from the moment it was published to the current time (or to be more precise, to the last time Nelio Content calculated this information). This total is the number that appears just below the word Pageviews, as you can see in the previous image.

On the other hand, below the icons of each social network we find a value whichindicates the number of the total pageviews that came from the that social network.

For instance, the previous image shows that there is a total of 119,000 pageviews to the content, and that 82 of these pageviews came from Facebook. This information can serve us to see which social network brings us more traffic and empower it by sharing more content there.

Please note that all this data is extracted directly from your Google Analytics account. Nelio Content does not count the number of times a visitor accesses WordPress or adds additional load to your server tracking visits.