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Initialize and Customize Social Automations

For the promotion of your content, the Social Automations functionality includes two automatisms: (a) one for generating the timeline of social messages of a post and (b) another one for re-sharing old content.

Start Social Automations

First, to start Social Automations you need to connect the social profiles where you want Nelio to publish your post messages. Go to the Settings page of Nelio Content and click on the Social Profiles tab. There you’ll find all the social profiles that are already connected to Nelio Content and you’ll be able to add new ones, depending on the plan you’re using.

Adding a new social profile

Customize Automations

The goal of Nelio Content’s Automations is to make your life easier, not more complicated. That’s why you won’t find complex settings for tweaking how Social Automations behave. In particular, you’ll be able to tweak several simple aspects:

Type of Content to Share

By default, Nelio Content considers that your goal is to promote your blog posts. But if you have other types of custom content on your website, in the Advanced tab of the plugin’s Settings you can select any other content types you have created on your website so that Nelio Content’s tools and functionalities are also available on them.

Advanced settings about authomatic social sharing
On the Advanced Settings tab, select whether you want social messages to be created automatically from all posts, unless explicitly stated otherwise on a post (this is the default setting), or whether you don’t want social messages to be created and will explicitly indicate when you want a post to be shared automatically.

Global Automatic Sharing

In addition, as you can see in the previous screenshot, you can also indicate what do you want the default behavior to be regarding automations:

  • Includes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. Nelio Content may share any post on your blog, except those that you’ve explicitly excluded from the reshare process.
  • Excludes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. The opposite from the previous setting. That is, by default, Nelio Content will not share anything, except those posts you’ve explicitly marked as reshareable.
  • End sharing period for old content: by default Nelio Content never stops sharing old content, but you can also select from the drop-down if you want to stop sharing content once it’s one month, two months, three months, six months or one year old.

Frequency of Automatic Publication on Social Profiles

Once connected each social profile with which you want to share content through Nelio Content, you have the option to select the frequency of automatic publication globally in all profiles (high, medium, low, or customized).

Selecting the automatic publication frequency in Nelio Content
Selecting the automatic publication frequency in Nelio Content.

In case you choose a High, Medium or Low Auto Publication Frequency, Nelio will automatically generate social messages when publishing new content and re-sharing old content accordingly to the frequency indicated.

Note that automations can be enabled or disabled for each social profile connected. To do this, click the Publication or Reshare icons that are at the right of each social profile in the list of Settings » Social Profiles. By doing this, we make sure that only messages will be generated for those profiles we have indicated.

By default, social profiles have the Automatic content promotion automatism enabled and the Reshare old content automation disabled.

Alternatively, you can also indicate that the frequency will be customized for each of the created profiles.

Auto-publication frequency selector
Auto-publication frequency selector.

If this is the case, you must indicate for each profile:

  • the number of social messages you want to be generated to promote each post that is published (enter the number in the first field at the right of the social profile), and
  • the maximum number of social messages you want to be published in each profile to re-share old content (enter the number in the second field at the right of the social profile).

On a Pinterest social profile, it is necessary that, in addition to the posting frequency selection, you have created a social template specifying the posting board (or boards) for that profile, so that the automatic posting algorithm can publish social messages on that network.

Social Templates

For each of the profiles created, you can create different social templates so that the messages that are generated automatically look more personalized.

Social media templates in Nelio Content
Social media templates in Nelio Content.

Although by default you will always have a template created in all your profiles (except Pinterest) with the title and the link to the post, remember that you can create different templates both for the messages that are published at the time of publishing a post and for the messages to reshare old content.

In addition, for any Pinterest social profile, it is necessary to have defined a message template in which you will have selected the board (or boards) on which the messages should be published. If the template has not been created, even if any posting frequency has been previously indicated in the profile, no social message can be published automatically.

Social Settings of Each Post

Finally, in each post you can customize the automatic message generation settings individually, regardless of what you have defined globally. At the end of the post, in the Social Media section, there are the Social Settings that you can specify individually for said post, including:

  • Relevant content sentences
  • Global social templates
  • Custom sentences
Social settings of a post
Checking the automation sources to take into account for the promotion of a post.

On the one hand, you can indicate the post’s sharing end period once published.

Selection of how to automatically share a specific post on social networks
Selection of how to automatically share a specific post on social networks.

For example, even if you generally want all old content to be re-shared in the future, this setting allows you to specify that a certain post should only be shared for a specific period of time.

In addition, you can also explicitly indicate which automation sources you want to be used to generate the social messages that will promote that post as you can see in the image of above.

Note that the re-sharing message algorithm uses the re-sharing templates in the plugin settings. If you uncheck use Global Social Templates as automation source, the re-share algorithm will only be able to create posts with the default template.