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Initialize and Customize Social Automations

Social Automations help you to promote your WordPress content on social media. There’s two types of automations: (a) one for generating the timeline of social messages of a post and (b) another one for re-sharing old content.

Below we explain the steps to follow to activate and customize the two types of automations.

Start Social Automations

Connect Social Profiles

First, to start Social Automations you need to connect the social profiles where you want Nelio to publish your post messages. Go to the Settings page of Nelio Content and click on the Social Profiles tab.

Adding a new social profile

Note that, by default, when connecting a social profile, you will only be able to create social messages manually.

Social Profile Settings

To publish automatically on any social profile, it must be included in an active automation group as explained below.

Activate an Automation Group

In the Automations tab of the Nelio Content Settings, activate an automation group (if you are not subscribed or in the basic plan, you only have the Universal Group; in higher plans you can create additional groups).

Add social profiles to the group and indicate their publishing and re-sharing frequencies

Add to the group the profiles to which you want Nelio Content to publish automatically by clicking on the icons shown at the bottom of the group.

Publication Frequency

By default, each added social profile is enabled to generate messages to that profile when a new post is published. You can see the default posting frequency by clicking on the icon in the left sidebar of that profile.

For example, in the image above we can see that at the moment of publishing any new post, two messages promoting that post will be published in X’s social profile. You can change this frequency as you see fit.

Reshare Frequency

When you click on the Reshare button at the top right of the profile, you will see that by default the resharing of old content is disabled.

Click on Reshare content and select how often you want old content to be re-shared on that social profile (by default, after enabling re-share content, the frequency is 1 message per day).

Please note that in case you have more than one social group (option available in the Plus and Standard plans), the publication and re-sharing frequencies are global for all the groups you have. That is to say, when the frequency of publication and/or re-sharing of a profile is modified, it will be updated in all the groups in which the profile is included.

Customize Automations

However, Nelio Content allows you to customize the automations so that the generation of messages can be adapted to your needs.

Global Settings

By default, Nelio Content considers that your goal is to promote your blog posts. But if you have other types of custom content on your website, in the global settings you can customize which types of custom content you want to integrate with Nelio Content and its default behavior in terms of automations (include or exclude all posts, unless you indicate otherwise).

Nelio Content social settings

In the following link you will find more details about the advanced settings of social settings:

Content Settings

Nelio Content adds a Social Media section in your editor, which lets you indicate if a particular content should be automatically shared on social networks and how. You can also add texts that can be used in the generation of social messages.

Any message generated from a social profile template that includes the {highlight} tag will be able to use the texts you have marked to share together with the social media content.

Settings of Automation Groups

In the automation groups is where you configure most aspects of the automations both to share messages at the time of publication of any content and to re-share old content. In the automation groups you can customize:

  • which content to share (only available in Standard and Plus plans)
  • where and how often to share it
  • how to share it using customized templates

With Nelio Content you have a large number of options for automatically generated messages to suit your needs.

In the following links you will find more detailed information about the automation groups: