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What information is stored by Nelio Content?

Nelio Content only stores the minimum information to operate normally. This information includes the following data:

  • URL of your WordPress site, to be able to identify it and use the URL in social messages.
  • Timezone of your WordPress installation, to be able to properly schedule your contents in the calendar.
  • Scheduled social messages, social profiles connected to Nelio Content and social templates you may have defined for them. We need them to be able to publish your social media data. This information is stored in our cloud servers to make sure that we publish your social messages at the right time.
  • Title and permalink of the posts you promote on social networks, to be able to put that info in your social messages.
  • Tasks and editorial comments, to be able to handle them properly.

Besides this, Nelio Content uses FastSpring, a company specialized in secure Internet payments to manage your subscriptions and payment methods. Nelio Content has limited access to your personal information (name, address, and email) and to your active subscriptions. All data of your credit cards or other payment methods are not accessible by Nelio Content, as FastSpring manages all of this directly.