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What information can I include in a social message?

You can share whatever you want in a social message. The only limits are those that each specific social network might define. Thus, for example, Twitter messages can’t be longer than 280 characters, or Instagram social messages force you to share (pin) an image. If you don’t know what you can or can’t share on a specific social network, please take a look at their terms and conditions.

Nelio Content offers a unified user interface for sharing messages on social networks. It helps you to:

  • write the message you want to share,
  • share a certain link (usually, your post’s permalink), and
  • attach an image to enhance your social message.

When sharing a social message with a link, social networks tend to assume that you’re interested in sharing the content of that link. That’s why most of them attach a “preview card” of the content you’re sharing.

Nelio also includes a preview of all your messages, which helps you to get an idea of how things will look like when actually shared on the real network:

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages
Screenshot of Nelio’s social message editor. With it, you can select multiple profiles of different networks and share the same message on all of them, preview how it’ll look like and schedule the exact date and time in which the message has to be automatically shared.

On the other hand, Nelio makes it super easy to share current post’s information (which is the most common scenario). When writing down the message you want to share, just use the following shortcuts to save you time:

  • {title} will be replaced by the post’s title,
  • {permalink} will be replaced by its permalink, and
  • {extract} will be replaced by the extract of the post.

In fact, {title]{permalink} are already in place when creating new messages (as depicted in the screenshot above). You can obviously use the three shortcuts in combination with any other text or emojis you may want to share.

Finally, you can also attach images to your social messages. To do that, just click on the Picture icon below the dialogue’s text area.

Dialog for Selecting Images
You can share an image with your social messages. When you decide to do so, click on the add image icon and select the image you want from your media library.

This will open WordPress’ built-in image selector. Select the one you’re interested in sharing and click on Choose.