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What happens to my information after cancelling my subscription to Nelio Content?

After canceling your Nelio Content subscription, and after the contract period has expired since the last payment, Nelio Content will block all features that are only available to your Premium plan and will only leave available those of the free version. Thus, you lose access to:

  • Editorial tasks. You can not see what tasks were created and their status.
  • Editorial comments. You can not see the discussions that members of your team and you generated around a post.
  • Social messages. The free plan only allows sending social messages at the time of publication of a post. All messages that were scheduled at other times will be lost.
  • Social profiles. The number of social profiles that you can set in the free plan is less than the number permitted in subscriptions. Thus, those social profiles that are above the allowed limits will no longer be available, and with them, all their associated social messages.