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How do I improve my post’s credibility?

Credibility is a quality that others give us, based on trust and leadership. And Nelio Content can help you increase your credibility. How?

Factors that, in our opinion, more directly affect the credibility are: rigor, coherence and continuity.

  • Rigour: Nelio Content helps you write all your content with more rigour. The quality analysis of your posts will help you generate more comprehensive and easy-to-read content. In addition, Nelio Content facilitates you to add external references in your texts and control their quality.
  • Coherence: good planning of posts and social messages lets you publish all information with an order that is consistent with your marketing goals. Also, scheduling tasks forces you to establish and hit deadlines. Moreover, the fact of scheduling your social messages at the time of writing your content will help you create social messages of much higher quality.
  • Continuity: all the planning you can control with Nelio Content in the editorial calendar lets you give continuity to all the topics that are of interest to your readers. It will be much easier to maintain a higher publication rate of both content and its promotion in social networks. And this will help you get more traffic.

Remember that to generate credibility is not possible only with one-time effort. Nelio Content helps you modify a series of habits that improve productivity and the quality of your content.