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I do not see the Facebook page to connect with Nelio Content.

The first time you connect a Facebook social profile with Nelio Content, a window will appear in which Facebook asks you to authorize Nelio Content to publish on Facebook pages (or groups).

Facebook group authorization

Once the authorization has been added, you can select the pages you want to connect with Nelio Content.

Facebook pages associated to a social profile

However, it can happen under certain circumstances (because you have created a new page or because Facebook temporarily disallowed posting on it, etc.) that you do not see all your pages (or groups) to connect to Nelio Content.

Facebook is not showing all pages to connect with Nelio Content

This is probably because these pages (or groups) do not have prior authorization to connect to Nelio Content.

In this case, after logging in to Facebook, instead of continuing with your username, click on Edit Settings.

Connected previously to Facebook. Edit Settings

You will see the page authorization window so that you can connect all pages (and groups) to Nelio Content.

Editing authorizations settings on Facebook

Select all the pages that you authorize Nelio Content to use and click Next. You will then see all the Facebook pages that you can connect to Nelio Content.