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How do I select social profiles when creating a new social message?

When you create a new social message, Nelio Content opens a new dialog to create that message.

Dialog to create new social messages from the editorial calendar with Nelio Content.
Dialog to create new social messages from the editorial calendar with Nelio Content.

The first block that appears in the dialog to create social messages allows you to select the profiles in which you want to share the new social messages. You can select as many profiles as you want from those you connected with Nelio Content.

First, select the social network where you want to share the new message. Once selected, you’ll see the profiles that belong to that network you already connected with Nelio Content. Now, select the profiles where you want to share the new message.

Multiple Profile Selector in Social Message Dialog
Multiple profile selector included in the dialog for creating new social messages. Use this component for selecting one or more social profiles in which your message should be shared.

You can select profiles from different networks. As an example, the previous screenshot shows that the active network is Twitter (it has an arrow below its icon) and that there are two out of three profiles selected. However, you can see that LinkedIn is already selected while Facebook is not. This means that there are LinkedIn profiles selected, even though you don’t see them right now. To see which are the LinkedIn profiles selected, just click on the LinkedIn icon.

When you create a social message with several profiles selected, Nelio Content will create the same social message for each profile. This way, this selector block helps you create multiple social messages at the same time.


You’ll find an eye icon below the profile selection block. If you activate it, the preview section will be displayed. If no profile is selected, you’ll see the message Preview not available.

Social message preview not available
To preview a social message, you should previously select one or more social profiles.

After selecting a profile, you can preview how the message will appear on the currently selected social network. If multiple profiles are selected, the preview you see corresponds to the last selected profile. It is possible that when the message is published on the network, the appearance changes a bit (or a lot, if the social network recently updated its style).

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages
Screenshot of Nelio’s social message editor. With it, you can select multiple profiles of different networks and share the same message on all of them, preview how it’ll look like and schedule the exact date and time in which the message has to be automatically shared.

I can’t see these selectors… Why?

If you do not see any of the previous selectors, neither when you create nor when you edit a social message, it is because you only have a social profile connected with Nelio Content. If you have just added a profile, for instance, a Twitter profile, Nelio Content doesn’t need to ask you what profile you want to use to share your messages. We assume that you want to use the only profile that you have in order to simplify the dialogue.

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