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How to import and export social templates in Nelio Content?

Nelio Content includes the possibility of importing and exporting your social templates in bulk to facilitate your work. To do this, go to the Nelio Content settings and open the Social Templates tab. There you will find the buttons to Import and Export templates.

Social templates of social profile

Export social templates

You can export a social template at any time by hovering your mouse over it to see the available actions:

Available actions under a social template

Click on Export and a floating dialog will open in which you can copy the social templates you want to export.

Export a social template

Click on Copy and it is ready to paste wherever you want.

You also have the option to export all the templates of a profile in bulk by clicking on the Export button above the list of templates of that profile (as shown in the first image of this question). As before, the floating window will open so that you can copy the set of templates.

Import social templates

To import one or more social templates in bulk into any social profile, click the “Import” button displayed above the social templates.

Note that for any profile you can import templates both in the list of publishing templates and in the list of content sharing templates.

Once you click the “Import” button a floating dialog will open where you can paste the social templates you want to import:

Void import social templates

Once you have the list of templates to import, paste the text in the dialog box and click the import button:

Import social templates

The templates will be loaded into your list of social templates and you will be able to use them in Nelio Content.