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How to import a calendar

Nelio Content allows you to add external calendars and show their events in the Nelio Content editorial calendar.

Note that this calendar import feature together with the calendar export feature allows you to have a unified view in one site of the posts you have in different Nelio Content calendars.

You will see that it is very easy: copy the public address in iCal format of the calendar you want to import.

Google holiday calendar in the United States in ics format
Google US holiday calendar in iCal format.

Next, in the Calendars tab of Nelio Content Settings, paste it in the field provided for it and click on the “Add” button.

Adding the United States holiday calendar to Nelio Content
Adding the US holiday calendar to Nelio Content.

Once added, you will have it listed below.

Calendar imported to Nelio Content
Calendar imported to Nelio Content.

And, if you hover the mouse over the added calendar, you will be shown the option to edit its name or delete the calendar.

Edit or delete the calendar imported to Nelio Content
Edit the name of the imported calendar or delete it.

Once imported, in the Nelio Content calendar you can now view the content of the added calendar.

Viewing the calendar of holidays in the United States in the Nelio Content calendar
Viewing the Holidays in the US calendar in the Nelio Content calendar.

Remember that in the right sidebar of the calendar, you can select/deselect which of the added calendars you want to display.