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How to Fix the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress with Nelio Content?

Due to problems with the WordPress cron, it is possible that after scheduling a post, it does not publish when it should, showing a Missed schedule error, so you have to publish it manually.

Post with the "Missed schedule" error.
Post with the “Missed schedule” error.

The two possible causes for WordPress scheduled posts to sometimes remain as Missed schedule can be the following:

  1. There are very few visits to your website, and at the times when the post should have been published, nobody visited it, so the WordPress cron could not be executed.
  2. You are using a caching plugin that is caching objects, and when someone visits your website they are served a static HTML generated from the PHP code, but without WordPress cron running either.

To avoid this problem, Nelio Content incorporates a setting to control Missed schedule posts and publish them automatically:

Setting to enable control of inputs with the "Programming lost" error.
Setting to enable the management of posts with the “Missed schedule” error.

When you activate it, Nelio Content will review the posts on your website periodically and will automatically publish those it finds with the “Missed schedule” error, each time this happens.

In this way, you will be able to stop worrying about this problem since Nelio Content will take care of solving it for you.