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How do I export the editorial calendar to Google Calendar or to other tools?

Nelio Content allows you to export the calendar to Google Calendar or any other tool that is compatible with the iCalendar (.ics) format, which is the most common format for exchanging calendars.

Note that this calendar export feature together with the calendar import feature allows you to have a unified view in one site of the posts you have in different Nelio Content calendars.

To do this, click on the More options and tools icon of the calendar (the 3 dots at the top right corner of the calendar) and, under Tools, you will find the Export calendar option.

Export calendar under Nelio Content Tools tab.
Export calendar under Nelio Content Tools tab.

After clicking on Export calendar, a dialog will open where you have the option of downloading a CSV file with the contents of the calendar, as well as one or two URLs (if you have at least editor permissions) that you can use in other tools that support the.ics format.

Export calendar popup window.
Export calendar popup window.

With one URL you export only your post (those of which you are the author) and with the other you export them all.

The most common tool to export to is Google Calendar, where you can add a new calendar from a URL. By choosing this option, you only have to copy the URL that we show you in the Nelio Content dialog and paste it into Google Calendar (selecting the option to “add a new calendar via URL”). Once you do, you will have the information of your future posts there, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Editorial calendar exported to Google Calendar.