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How do I connect my Tumblr account with Nelio Content?

Tumblr is the microblogging platform that allows its users to publish text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio as a tumblelog.

To connect Tumblr with Nelio Content, go to the Nelio Content page and click on the Tumblr icon.

Adding a new social profile
Screenshot of the social networks supported by Nelio Content. If you click on an icon, you’ll be able to connect a new profile for the selected social network.

If you are not logged in to Tumblr, a Tumblr floating window will open informing you of the terms and conditions you must accept in order to continue.

Terms & Conditions of Tumblr.
Terms & Conditions of Tumblr.

You will then be shown the consent screen where you must allow Nelio Content to use your Tumblr profile to post social messages.

Allow Nelio Content accessing your Tumblr account.
You should allow Nelio Content accessing your Tumblr account.

Once access to your profile is allowed, the dialog will close and you will see the list of connected social profiles again, which also includes the profile you just connected.

Social Profile Settings
Screenshot of our Social Profile Settings screen. You can easily add, remove, and manage the social profiles you connected to Nelio Content.