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How do I connect my Reddit account with Nelio Content

Reddit is a network of communities based on people’s interests. To connect Reddit with Nelio Content, go to the Nelio Content – Settings » Social profiles tab and click on the Reddit icon.

Adding a new social profile

Once you select the Reddit icon, a dialog box will appear in which you will have to select whether you want to connect the Reddit profile through Nelio Content or through Buffer.

Choose how you want to connect your Reddit account with Nelio Content

Connect your Subreddit profile directly with Nelio Content

If you click the Subreddit icon, a floating dialog appears that will take you to Reddit to log in with the Reddit account that manages the subreddit you want to connect to.

Consent screen to connect your Reddit profile.

By clicking the Allow button, you are giving Nelio Content access to your Reddit profile so that it can publish content to your profile.

Once access to your profile is allowed, you will see the screen where the subreddits you are subscribed to in Reddit will appear.

List of subreddits from Reddit that you can connect to Nelio Content.

Select the one in which you want to publish from Nelio Content.

And if the one you want to connect does not appear, make sure that you are connected in Reddit with the proper account that is subscribed to that subreddit.

Once you select the subreddit and press the button to Connect, the dialog will close and you will see in the list of connected social profiles that it also includes the profile you just connected.

Social Profile Settings

Connect your Subreddit profile directly with Nelio Content

Alternatively, you have the option to connect your Subreddit profile through Buffer as explained in the following link: