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How are social messages shared in social networks?

One of the main goals Nelio Content has is to help you to promote your content on social networks automatically and efficiently, so that you can drive more traffic to your web. To do that, you can schedule social messages within WordPress while you’re creating new posts, and Nelio will automatically share them at the scheduled times.

First of all, you’ll have to connect one or more profiles to Nelio Content, so that we can use them for actually sharing your messages. Once you’ve granted us access to your profiles, you’ll be able to schedule social messages that Nelio will send on your behalf exactly when the scheduled date and time comes. In other words, if you tell us a message should be shared next Thursday at 10am, Nelio will share it on Thursday at 10am. Moreover, if you Nelio Content Premium, Nelio Content will be able to create social messages automatically without your doing anything.

Social messages are stored in Nelio’s cloud, not in your own WordPress server. Our cloud is built on top of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, and we monitor at all times, every single day, which messages must be enqueued and shared. When the right time comes, Nelio retrieves your social message and, using the appropriate social profile (which we can access because you authorized us to), will share it with all your followers and friends.

Why Don’t You Store this Messages in my WordPress Database?

That’s a good question. Indeed, social messages could be stored in your own database. However, our experience tells us that WordPress CRON jobs are not very reliable. Therefore, if the messages were on your site, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that they’ll be shared when you want them to be shared. Besides, these messages would add some workload on your server and would take some database space, which might end up resulting in some additional costs for you.