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How does Nelio Content help me to craft better content?

Nelio Content helps you to be more efficient in creating and promoting your posts and will save time on your editorial process. There are many reasons to use Nelio Content. Here you have some of them:

  • You can directly plan new posts from the editorial calendar. Just select the day you want to publish your post and that’s it. Now you just have to focus on writing. Forget about everything else. Also, you can assign posts to different members of your editorial team to increase the amount of new publications in your site.
  • As you write your post, Nelio Content analyzes it to see how the quality is going on. Thanks to Nelio Content’s analysis you can act accordingly and improve your content.
Quality statuses of a post according to Nelio Content.
  • While writing your content you can schedule social messages to be published on social networks. This way you won’t forget what you really want to promote and, therefore, you’ll write better messages. In addition, you can schedule social messages for the following days after publication of the post to make sure you generate further interest to your audience with virtually no effort. Just write, schedule, and enjoy.
  • To manage the references linked in your posts is not an easy task, but Nelio Content comes to the rescue. You can suggest external references to the authors so that they do not forget to include the links in the post content.
  • You’ll be able to easily manage the distribution of the tasks among members of your editorial team. This will allow you to control the entire editorial process.
  • Nelio Content simplifies your communication with other members of the editorial team introducing the editorial comments. Now you can post your author a comment directly within the edit page of each post. These contextual comments make it easier reviewing the post content and improving the final quality of your posts.

But there is more! Discover all the advantages of Nelio Content by purchasing Nelio Content Premium or just trying the free version.