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How do I post messages on Pinterest?

Once your Pinterest account is connected with Nelio Content, you will be able to share your content through “pins” on Pinterest boards. The publication is a bit different than other social networks, as on Pinterest you have to choose the specific board you want a pin to be posted on.

Manual creation and editing of social messages

You can create a social message manually to post on Pinterest from editing a post, from the editorial calendar, from Nelio Content analytics and from Feeds.

In the social message creation window, select your Pinterest social account.

Selecting a Pinterest account to create a social message

Next, select the board (you can select more than one) in your account where you want the pin to be published.

Selecting Pinterest board with Nelio Content

Once the board is selected you will be able to see the preview of the message. You can edit it and modify its publication date and time as you wish.

Social message created to publish on

Once saved, it will be scheduled for publication on Pinterest at the indicated date and time.

Mensaje social publicado en Pinterest con Nelio Content

Auto-Publishing on Pinterest with Social Automations

For the promotion of your content, the Social Automations functionality includes two automations: (a) one to generate the timeline of a post’s social messages and (b) another to re-share old content.

For the correct functioning of Social Automations with the Pinterest profile, you must first have connected the Pinterest social profile and have indicated the custom frequency of auto-publishing.

Social Profile Settings

You also need to have created at least one specific social template for your Pinterest profile, as you need to specify the board(s) on which Social Automations can post social messages.

Selecting Pinterest board to create a template