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How do I connect Telegram to Nelio Content?

You can easily schedule and share your WordPress content automatically to Telegram groups and channels. All you need to do is setting up a simple Telegram bot to connect your Telegram groups and channels with Nelio Content.

Just follow a few simple steps to connect Nelio Content with your Telegram groups and channels and benefit from a connection that allows you to share your WordPress content automatically to one of the most popular instant messaging services.

Create a Telegram bot

Creating a Telegram bot doesn’t require any coding experience, anyone can create a Telegram bot and configure it in just a few steps. Afterward, you can easily add this Telegram bot as an administrator to your Telegram channels and groups so you are able to publish your content with Nelio Content through this bot in the designated channel or group.

First, create a Telegram account or login into your existing account. Then search the @botfather account via the Telegram search. This specific account is verified and marked with a blue checkbox.

Searching the "Botfather" account via the Telegram search.

Once you select it, a new chat appears with instructions:

Chat with the @botfather in Telegram.

Send the command /start.

List of commands of the @botfather in Telegram.

Then, send the /newbot command in the chat with the @botfather. Choose and enter a nickname that will later be displayed under the bot you are about to create. After that, choose and enter a unique username that is identifiable to the bot.

Commands to create the bot in Telegram.

The @botfather bot will respond with a bot token. This token is important, so please keep it as secure as possible and store it safely. You will need it later when connecting Nelio Content with Telegram.

Finally, add the newly created bot to the desired Telegram channel or group as an admin, in order to allow the previously created bot to share your content.

Set Up a Telegram Connection in Nelio Content

Go to the plugin’s Settings » Social Profiles and click on the Telegram icon:

Adding a new social profile

Once you select the Telegram icon, a dialog box will appear in which you will have to select whether you want to connect the Telegram profile through Nelio Content or through Buffer.

Connect your Telegram profile directly with Nelio Content

If you have selected the option to connect the Telegram profile directly to Nelio Content by clicking on the Telegram icon, a new window pops up to set up the connection of your Telegram bot with the Telegram channel or group in Nelio Content.

Dialog to set up a connection between Telegram and Nelio Content.

Copy the bot token that @botfather gave you before and paste it into the Bot Token field. After that, you can test the token validity by clicking on the Test Token button.

Testing the Telegram bot token.

If the result is positive, you can then continue with the channel where you want Nelio Content to publish your messages. Therefore, you need the channel identifier of said channel. Refer to this guide for more information about how to get the channel ID in Telegram. Then, type the channel identifier into the Channel field.

Now you can test the connection by clicking the Test Connection button. If you entered a proper channel ID of a Telegram group or channel where your bot is and admin, then the test will success and a new message will be published on the selected Telegram group or channel.

Finally, click on the Save Changes button. Now your list of Connected Profiles will end up including your Telegram connection. From now on, you can create social messages and publish them using this new Telegram connection.

Social Profile Settings

Connect your Telegram profile through Buffer

Alternatively, you have the option to connect your Telegram profile through Buffer as explained in the following link: