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How do I connect Mastodon to Nelio Content?

To publish social messages on Mastodon, go to the Nelio Content Settings page and select the Mastodon icon.

Adding a new social profile

A dialog box will appear in which you will have to select whether you want to connect the Mastodon profile through Nelio Content or through Buffer.

Selecciona cómo conectar Mastodon con Nelio Content

Connect your Mastodon profile directly with Nelio Content

Click on the Mastodon icon and a dialog box appears in which you must type the URL of the Mastodon instance where you created your Mastodon profile. You can find a list of Mastodon instances (or servers) here.

Dialog to introduce the URL of the Mastodon instance of your Mastodon account.

As an example, our Mastodon account ( is created in the instance whose URL is You must input the URL of the Mastodon instance for your account and click on Check instance. Remember not to include the username in the URL: is a valid instance URL, but is not a valid one.

Nelio Content will then check if the URL is of a valid Mastodon instance. If that is right, you can click on the button Continue to continue.

Dialog to check if the URL of a Mastodon instance is valid.

In case you aren’t logged in on Mastodon, a new popup window will ask you to sign in. If you’re already logged into Mastodon, you’ll see the following screen with which to grant Nelio Content access to your account.

Dialog to authorize Nelio Content to post content on Mastodon on behalf of your account.

If instead of the previous dialog you get an error message similar to “client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method”, close the dialog and try again the connection process from the beginning. This error is caused by the Mastodon instance randomly and has nothing to do with Nelio Content.

After clicking on the Authorize button, you’ll see that your Mastodon account is now included in the list of Connected Profiles.

Social Profile Settings

Connect your Mastodon profile through Buffer

Alternatively, you have the option to connect your Mastodon profile through Buffer as explained in the following link: