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How do I connect a profile through Buffer?

You have the option, when connecting any social profile with Nelio Content, to do it through Buffer. To do this, you need to have previously created a Buffer account (it can be free).

Using Nelio Content, you will be able to publish messages in the moment, without scheduling in the Buffer queue and without limitations.

After creating your Buffer account, Buffer will ask you to connect “your channels” (also called depending on the social network “social profile”, “business account”, “page”, “group”, “store”, etc.). Click on the icon of the profile you want to connect:

Conexión a redes sociales en la aplicación de Buffer

In case you were not previously logged in to the selected social network, you will have to log in. Buffer will then ask you to confirm the profile(s) of that network you want to be connected to Buffer.

Next, go to the Nelio Content Settings » Social Profiles tab and select the icon of the social profile you want to connect.

Adding a new social profile

Once the icon of one of the profiles has been selected, the dialog box will appear in which you must select whether you want to connect said profile directly through Nelio Content or through Buffer.

Note that below, the images show you the case of selecting Instagram, but the process is the same for any selected profile.

Choose how you want to connect your Instagram account with Nelio Content

Click on the link to connect via Buffer. If you have not previously logged in, a Buffer window will open asking you to log in.

Conectar a Buffer para autorizar a Nelio Content

And once logged in or if you had already done it before, in a new window you will have to authorize Nelio Content to access your Buffer account.

Autorizar a Nelio Content a acceder a Buffer

Once you have authorized access to Buffer, a new window will open in your browser in which you will have to select the Profiles you want to connect to.

Selection of Instagram profiles

Click the Connect button of those profiles you want to connect to so that it appears in your list of Connected Profiles.

Social Profile Settings