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I just activated Nelio Content. What should I do next?

If you’ve already installed, activated, and configured the plugin, you should take the following steps:

  1. Connect one or more social profiles. One of the greatest benefits of using Nelio Content is its social capabilities. With our plugin, you can easily promote your content in social networks and, thus, drive more traffic to your web and build a loyal reader base. To share social messages, though, you’ll first have to connect the different profiles to Nelio Content.
  2. Take a look at the editorial calendar. Nelio’s editorial calendar is a powerful tool that helps you to manage and promote your content. Among its multiple benefits, it offers a unified view of all your content, it helps you to save time when it comes to content promotion, and it allows you to better manage and coordinate your team of authors and editors. Just go to Nelio Content » Calendar and you’ll see your published and scheduled posts.
  3. Schedule your first post using the calendar. The editorial calendar is not only a static view of your WordPress site—it also lets you create new content. For instance, try to create a new post!
  4. Reschedule a post. Moreover, the calendar makes it extremely easy to reschedule content. Just drag-and-drop the post (or social message, or task) you want to reschedule and… you’re done!
  5. Write a post. If you edit a post now, you’ll see Nelio Content added new stuff in there:
    • quality analysis tells you what can be improved and, therefore, helps you create better content,
    • suggested references is a simple box where you can save links for later so that you remember which pages might inspire you or should be linked in your post,
    • editorial tasks organize your author’s work and yours,
    • social media promotes your content at scheduled intervals upon post-publication.