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Why is my featured image not posted on social media?

Sometimes, it may happen that you’ve scheduled a social message to be posted on a social network. In the scheduled social message you see the featured image but once that social message is posted, the image does not come up in the social post.

What could be the problem?

This is probably because the social network has not been able to correctly interpret the information of your post.

Social networks use Open Graph Meta Tags for image selection. These meta tags (title, image, description, URL, …) help the social network to create a complete card or preview within the social post to be published on the network, and they must be included in the <head> section of the HTML of your WordPress posts and pages.

How to include these meta tags?

You could do it by coding but the easiest way is to activate the Open Graph meta tags through the Yoast SEO plugin settings.

First, on the WordPress Dashboard click on the Social menu option of the plugin and then go to the Facebook tab to enable the Open Graph meta data.

Social Yoast SEO
Make sure you have the option to add Open Graph meta data in the Yoast plugin to publish on social networks.

Then, do the same on the Twitter tab.

Social Yoast SEO Twitter Tab
Make sure you have enabled the same option on the Twitter tab.

Now, you can share all the posts of your blog correctly on all your social networks. They will include the featured image.

How to check that everything is correct

To check that everything is correct, Facebook has a very complete tool, the Sharing Debugger, which, after entering the URL of your post, evaluates whether all the meta tags are placed correctly.

Warning Open Graph Meta Tags
Be sure that you don’t have this warning when entering the URL of your post in the Sharing Debugger.